Radiowave knife

Radiowave knife

Radio wave knife | As Medicus

Radio wave knife is an extremely effective therapy that, with the help of radio wave energy whose level is adjusted depending on the change being treated and localization, painlessly removes all kinds of fibromas, warts and keratoses, as well as moles for which the doctor decides whether they could be removed with radio waves.

This method is very comfortable, safe, painless, quick and without postoperative adverse consequences such as tissue swelling, infection or bleeding.

With radio waves we can treat all skin changes (in size 4-5mm), such as keratosis, warts, fibromas, sebaceous cysts, papillomas, as well as changes in the eyelids, which are removed painlessly, and most importantly it is completely safe for the eyes.

The advantage of radio wave knife is that while removing skin changes, it minimally traumatizes the tissue and leads to easy and rapid wound healing, without scarring.

Delovanje radiotalasnog noža

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