Neurology and psychiatry

Neurology and psychiatry

Neurologija i psihijatrija

At this department of our clinic we perform specialists neurological exams. All disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system are diagnosed and the appropriate therapy is determined.

In addition to the manual exam we perform the Bioresonance and Thermovision scanner exam with which we can detect majority of neurological diseases.
In the treatment of neurological diseases, besides medication therapy, we use the Microwave resonance therapy, which is a modern and very effective type of treatment without the use of chemical substances (drugs), without harmful ray exposure, it is painless and applicable for all ages and for all types of neurological diseases. We successfully treat all disorders of cerebral circulation, paralysis, paresis, trigeminal and other neuralgia, facial palsy, migraines and all kinds of headaches, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal diseases, sciatica and others.

The combination of medication therapy, Microwave resonance therapy and phytotherapy greatly raises the effectiveness of treatment compared to just the medication therapy.

At this department we perform psychiatric examinations as well, by which we set a diagnosis, determine treatment, evaluate the psychological condition of the patient and we perform psychoanalysis.
In order to assess the patient’s condition, besides Bioresonance scanner we use the computer phycho-test as well, which helps us evaluate patient’s personality, his psychological disorder and determine  the counseling for his further treatment. We also perform psychotherapy that is psychodynamically oriented, supportive or in-depth psychotherapy, all kinds of neuroses and depressive states are successfully treated as well as crisis and anxiety disorders, managerial diseases, stress and all kinds of psychosis.

During therapy we can use medication as well as Microwave resonance therapy, psychotherapy and phytotherapy. With this combination we achieve much better result than with the conventional method of treatment only. During the cycle of therapy which consists of a series of 12 days, patients can consult our psychiatrist anytime and during the course of this series we can use in-depth psychotherapy as well.