Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Limfna drenaža | As medicus

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic procedure that is performed by special drainage movements and by pressure on certain spots, the so-called lymph nodes, that we open and drain the residual liquid mixed with salt and toxins out of them, thus freeing the skin and intercellular spaces and prepare them to facilitate the exchange of substances and ejection of accumulated fluid.

Limfna drenaža | As medicus

With lymphatic drainage we achieve:

  • detoxification of the body
  • improving of venous circulation
  • prevention and elimination of hypostatical leg swelling
  • prevention of the occurrence and removal of cellulite
  • elimination of the symptoms of 'tired, heavy legs'

The goal of lymphatic drainage is to achieve the movement of body fluids.

Limfna drenaža | As medicus

Good lymph flow contributes to good health. However, as a result of inadequate lifestyle, without sufficient exercise, with improper and irregular diet, without enough rest and almost constant stress, the lymphatic system becomes overloaded.

Slow and reduced lymph circulation leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, slowing down the delivery of nutrients to the cells and slowing down the metabolic processes in them, which further has negative effect on the function and state of the cells, and thereby on tissues and the body as a whole.

Lymphatic drainage helps achieve the balance of body fluids in the body and better general condition of the body. It is useful and applicable for many purposes, and gives the best results as part of cavitation and treatment with radiowaves (RF) procedures, in improvement of venous circulation and in treatments for eliminating swellings (edemas) as well.

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