Bioresonance scanner

Bioresonance scanner

Diagnostics of the 21st century belong to quantum medicine. A sophisticated computer diagnostics and therapy system, the bioresonance scanner, is the most contemporary and complete medical technology of the third millennium, relying on spectrographic analyses of living organisms vortex magnetic fields. Every healthy organism resonates wave patterns, or oscillations, which become deficient when the organism is exposed to stress, toxins, or even prolonged negative emotions. Our unique diagnostics machinery, by measuring these oscillations in our patients, allows us to monitor and record an organism’s stages on the road from good health to illness, as body tissue, cells and even some chromosomes are characterised by specific electromagnetic changes in each of these phases.

The Polyclinic AS MEDICUS – BIORESONANCE was the first to introduce bioresonance in Serbia, as the latest achievement in medical diagnostics and therapy.

The exams are conducted by Dr. Aleksandar Sinicki, a neuropsychiatrist and specialist in bioresonance, thermovision and microwave resonance therapy.

The technology tends to fascinate doctors, as well as patients, for its ability to diagnose disease in its earliest stages as well as for the multitude of information it collects about organs and other body parts – including the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites). Bioresonance scanning also allows for the monitoring of inflammatory, degenerative, and oncologic disorders of the body; a virtual model of the diseased organ or body part appears on the screen, with the diseased part correctly localized, as well as the stage and kind of disease in quesion.

The value of such a unique diagnostics and therapeutic system is that it offers large possibilities in the choice of therapy.

For each patient, medicines included in the machine's database, or which the patient brings, can be tested in order to determine its effect on the patient's disease, if there is any, or whether the effect has perhaps been contraindicative.

This system can also determine an overall qualitative blood picture and biochemical changes, without actually taking blood.

  • universal diagnostic that replaces dozens of specialists and lab analyses
  • comfortable, painless, and without harmful rays
  • no special preparation
  • usable for all ages, children and pregnant women
  • detects diseases in all organs and systems
  • tests allergens
  • detects the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites
  • tests harmful effects of the electric appliances and food additives
  • computer selection of the best therapy for patients (medicines, bioresonance therapy, homeopathy, herbal products)
  • therapy achievement result control

The non-invasive diagnostic method aimed for the quick evaluation of the psychophysiological and stress-adaptive changes within human body

  • Gives qualitative and quantitative evaluation of all emotional conditions
  • Examines psycho character profile and eligibility to work in certain professions
  • Tests the influence of the psychological and stress factors on the initiation of psychosomatic diseases
  • It is used for prevention and treatment of the psycho and psycho-somatic diseases