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About us

Polyclinic AS MEDICUS Bioresonance Founders of AS MEDICUS Bioresonance clinic Nina Nikolovska-Sinicki and
dr Aleksandar Sinicki

AS MEDICUS - BIORESONANCE polyclinic was founded in 1995. Since 2006 it has operated in a new and larger space at Sazonova 71 (ex Filipa Filipovića) in Vračar/Crveni Krst, Belgrade and since 2010 in Ljubinke Bobić 13/2, New Belgrade (near Bežanijska Kosa market) as well.

Dear patients, in our modernized doctor`s offices, on 300 sqm of a working area, under constant supervision of our specialists and professors from Military Medical Academy and Clinical Center, your health is our concern. We use the newest achievements in medical technology.

In our polyclinic you can carry out all types of intern exams (cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology, rheumatology) as well as exams of otolaryngologists, gynecologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and physiatrists. Besides ultrasound, ECG, color Doppler, ECG holter monitor and pressure, audiometer, tympanometer, colposcopy, our clinic owns all necessary equipment for physical medicine and kinesis area, it carries out laboratory analysis as well as food and drugs intolerance test.

What distinguishes AS MEDICUS Bioresonance in relation to other clinics is before all the Bioresonance and Thermovision scanner, Darkfield microscope live blood cell analysis) as well as Microwave resonance therapy.

On Vračar, Crveni Krst, the exams and therapies are scheduled by phone no. +381-11-2836-836 and +381-11-283-53-93; on Bežanijska Kosa by phone no. +381-11-22-72-916.

AS MEDICUS BIORESONANCE polyclinic provides you with fast, high quality and painless diagnostics and therapy of the whole body, without harmful ray exposure. All diagnostic and therapeutic methods have certificates and a permission of the Ministry of Health..

Bioresonance scanner is a diagnostic method with which the whole body is examined in one hour. The disease can be diagnosed in the phase when there are still no obvious changes in the organs and when the classical diagnostic devices cannot recognize it (Ultra sound, scanner, MR). It replaces many specialist`s exam, different testing, laboratory analysis, and besides all - it performs without harmful ray exposure!!!

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